“Flight Dispatch / Flight Operations” Training Program, provided by APAC, has been developed in cooperation with “Jeppesen”, a “Boeing” Company, worldwide leader in aviation training. In fact, our training is the most comprehensive and superior professional Course in flight dispatch and operations field, taking into account the special features and aspects of operating in Airlines of various types and around the world.

Training Program is based on recommendation of ICAO DOC 71 92-AN/857 Part D-3 and is intended for training of Flight Operations Officers / Flight Dispatchers.

Training dates

16 September 2019

Class Details

  • All class times are 0800 to 1700 over continuous 6-week training course unless otherwise noted
  • IFDTC is approved by the Latvian Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)

Course Description

The six-week course will be divided into eight main subjects. Each topic presents instructional material, gives students opportunities to apply what they have learned in various exercises, and quizzes students on what they have learned. The following sections provide an overview of the goals of each lesson, outline the topics covered in each subject, and provide an estimate of the approximate class time to complete each lesson and its exercises is provided. Time estimates do not include time to complete the knowledge or mock practical exams.

Learning Subject Breakdown

Course Subject Titles Blocks Exams Duration (hours)
Air Law 1 1 16:00
Meteorology 1 1 76:00
Navigation 1 1 32:00
Aircraft 1 1 28:00
Communications 1 1 08:00
Air Traffic Control 1 1 24:00
Emergency and Abnormal Procedures 1 1 08:00
Practical Dispatching 1 1 30:00
Total 222:00

On The Job Training (OJT)

OJT is available and provides real world dispatch experience in a live Airline Operations Center (AOC) and dispatch office. In addition to theoretical training, OJT is required to obtain a Latvian dispatcher license. Standard OJT duration is 6 weeks, and OJT dates, pricing, and other program details are dependent upon the OJT facility selected.

Course Requirements

  • Before accepting to the FOO/FD Training, potential cadets must be tested by screening;
  • Minimum age of 21 years;
  • Functional knowledge of the English language;
  • Medical fitness for duty;
  • Minimum educational level of successful completion of high school